888 poker player notes

888 poker player notes

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  • What I list after PR is the actual hands I see this person pre-flop raising with.

    Real Money Poker at for US Players. American players should note that while a regulated, legal Poker site is coming to the U.S. in the near future, 's license approval does not apply to their main online poker room. That room remains open to players outside of the United States only, although American players can download the play-money version of Poker and participate in games held . Sunday, January 12th, Holdings hasn’t experienced as much success in the online poker market lately. However, they’re trying to turn sagging internet poker revenue around by focusing on recreational players first. Reporting on its year-end financial numbers, noted that it has met goals regarding earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA). Oct 02,  · Poker at: Poker. Posts: 7, As previous poster say, notes on will regularly disappear, when the client crash, so best to just forget about them and not waste your time. If notes .

    This is usually very important information, because you will always stand to lose the most money when you hold a dominated hand. And most of the time, you won't know if you're dominated until you flip those cards over. Because most people only raise strong cards pre-flop, you can tell with varying degrees of success how powerful your opponents' cards are.

    If you can catch onto this and note it down, the next time they PR, you'll know to fold your hand quite quickly, even if you're holding a hand like AJ or possibly playfr AQ - which will save you lots of money in the long haul.

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    Versus a hyper-aggressive player, if you notice them raising pre-flop with K2o, you'll also be well prepared to call their PR if you hold ATo or another moderately strong hand. Why mention this? Then suddenly, they'll bite you on the flop with some unexpected raises. By recording this information down, you can possibly tell if that person is hiding something strong that they didn't let anyone know about pre-flop.

    888 poker player notes

    I use this metaphor when someone will pretty much bet these hands to the river without any hesitation or thought; when they've already decided before the flop what they plan on doing. This is not a compliment. A common theme is marking people as "TRN: AK", which means they will bet big-slick like there is no tomorrow, even if they don't pair on the river.

    I also use it when they train a draw, like "TRN: flush draw", as many people seem to fall under that category.

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    This is a listing of what kind of cards this particular player will play. An example would be "p: 95o,A5s,23s. This is useful because a quick look at your notes will tell that this player is a garbage collector, as opposed to another player with the notes "p: ATs, KQ, AJ, TT. An important thing to mention is to ignore the players in the big and small blind when taking notes on what hands they play, since they'll automatically be playing those hands for the most part.

    Anyhow, that's pretty much my system of player notes. Don't think of this as a defacto standard; this is just what I use and what works for me. If you have no system, hopefully this will get you thinking to what kind of things you want to jot down notes you play. Visit our partners for online poker strategy tips and poker strategy for playing internet poker.

    Scheduled to launch in MarchPoker 8 will bring a new look to the player, frequent updates to software, and features that are geared towards amateur players. Players have already offered feedback on forums regarding Poker 8. Some appreciate poker recreational-friendly options, 888 others are mad about no longer being able to change seats and losing their opponent notes.

    Poker player notes « Poker Practice Blog

    Whatever happens, though, it appears that the company is mostly concerned about making the game more enjoyable for amateur players. If you had to guess a random number, what would you pick? You'd be right - that's pomer largest number of tables you can play at the same time is eight. Rooms like PokerStars let you play far more tables, but we like this policy by Poker.

    It keeps professionals away from 8888 room, resulting in softer competition at Poker.

    888 poker player notes

    With a maximum of eight tables per player per sessions, there's not much of a need for a suite of features to control your table layouts and to manage action from one to the next. The Poker pkayer can be accessed via a variety of platforms. Click on any of the links below for more detailed information about playing at Poker using a specific device or platform:.

    As the list above indicates, the Poker software offers above-average compatibility for players across desktop and mobile devices. The Poker platform offers a number of advantages over competing online poker sites.

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    Just two of the areas where Poker can claim to have the superior product among top-tier poker rooms online:. Compatibility - Poker offers one of the most varied sets of software, providing mobile versions for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. In addition to the mobile lineup, Poker supports a desktop version for PC and a cross-platform browser-based version of their online poker site.

    Mass appeal - Poker has built a massive business on offering unique features that attract and retain casual players. These features, such as interactive training tools and webcam-based poker tables, draw a class of players p,ayer Poker that might otherwise avoid online poker sites.

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      It gives non-players the notion that it is an essential part of the game and the only way of gathering information on opponents. In reality, not only do live players often fail to give off reliable tells but online poker tables, where the majority of hands are played today, lack any kind of physical presence.

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      Reporting on its year-end financial numbers, noted that it has met goals regarding earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization EBITDA. Itai Pazner, CEO of Holdings, stated that his company has begun on an upswing when considering the latest numbers. Pazner explained that both casino gaming and sports betting have been good for his company lately.

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