How much money do professional poker players make

how much money do professional poker players make

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  • However, only 32 people out of went from losing status to winning status.

    Jul 20,  · Depending on what stakes they play, professional poker players can make as little as $10, a year up to $1,, or even more. We’ve gotten some real numbers from real pros in Florida and found that a semi-top tier live poker pro playing $5/10 NLHE can make $,$, a year. If you go down a rung to $2/5 NLHE, that number dips a bit, but not too much. People will simply ask you point blank how much money poker players make. So here is the quick answer: Good poker players in small stakes online games like 1c/2c to 50c/$1 will make between $ and $ a month. Good poker players in live games like $1/$2 to $25/$50 will make between $ and $ per month. The biggest winner won $7, while the biggest loser lost $15, Clearly, it’s a lot easier to lose than it is to win. Only 18% of players had what is typically considered the standard of what is a good win-rate.

    This is not exactly a titanic shift. However, it is worth noting that in environments with reward systems there are likely to be more winners than otherwise. However, I thought I would point out that on sits with robust reward systems, there tends to be a higher concentration of serious players who are looking to take advantage of said rewards.

    This factor potentially offsets the benefit of any rakeback system and makes the entire player pool suffer as a result.

    how much money do professional poker players make

    Alas, that is an argument best saved for another day. Factors that contribute to making a player profitable are literally the miney dollar question. While the answer seems simple become a skilled player there is more to it than that.

    Professional Poker Player Salary (It Might Shock You) | BlackRain79 - Micro Stakes Poker Strategy

    While defining exactly what makes one player more profitable than another could be the subject of entire books, I did write an article on the subject called How Profesional Poker Players Make Moneyif you want to check it out. How many professional poker players are ,uch There is very little data on exactly how many poker players there are, much less how profsssional are professional.

    However, one statistics site seems to think there are just over 20 million online real poker poker players in the world. While we cannot know how many are pros, we can use the data gathered in this article to make a guess on how many play well enough to make a good living. Is poker still profitable in ?

    how much money do professional poker players make

    Making money at poker is mostly about finding players who play worse than you do. Therefore, through good poker site and table selection, anyone with a reasonably good strategy can win. What is variance? Variance can be either positive or negative. Basically what is means is that, during ddo particular sample size of hands that you have played, you either made more money or less money than expected based on your perceived win-rate.

    My biggest surprise from this exercise is the realization that nearly half the players in any given player pool are absolute fish and are plaers money at an extraordinary rate.

    Top Ten Richest Poker Players

    This should give hope to us all that poker is not dying but is alive and well for decades to come. As long as you are willing to do the work. Automatic Poker helps people learn poker in the most efficient way possible. We offer step-by-step training in our Poker Academy. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

    We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. What Are the Details of the Study? You don't really need to sign up for rakeback before you start an account.

    Top 10 Professional Poker Players | Tips to Go Pro

    All poker rooms offer it. I thikn that you have change yr stats at 0. Why u think it is impossible? I play tables at NL2 and it works for me. Awesome article justo want to point out that where i live minimum wage is close to a month. Flew to florida to play a buy in tourney. Hi BlackRain, I'm really inspired by your posts and would like to be able to acheive the highest possible winrate by improving my game.

    Many thanks and GL at the tables Seb. Hi Seb, My sample size is poker 2 million hands. Is that enough? I published all these results right here You can see eo my winrate at NL2 is Now yes these hands were mostly played about 5 years ago when the games were quite a bit easier.

    Players, all of these hands were also played while playing 24 tables at once. I am very confident that if I was only to play 4 or even 8 tables in today's games that I could achieve these same results. Plqyers hope this playdrs answer your questions :. Hi Nathan, thanks for taking the time to answer that for me.

    I just wanted to appreciate the variables that made that winrate possible so as to not beat myself up for underacheiving but also to regulate expectation for myself and other players How many tables at once? What year it is? And so on Thanks for clarifying, Nathan. Much appreciated : BTW I always wondered why you played soooooooooooooo many hands at the micros Most of these hands were played years ago while I was living in Canada.

    Maks would literally just 24 table these games in my sleep while watching movies or listening to podcasts. The variance was also basically non-existent with a winrate this high. I certainly don't advise anyone to play 2 million hands at these stakes haha, but those are some reasons why I did it.

    Although the sample size was minimal, I was playing at the worst professional and not table selecting at all. So I do believe it is sustainable. I have played more hands than probably anyone in history at these limits so my winrates are well beyond what would be considered "normal.

    In Greece playing 0. Ya for sure. It is definitely possible to make a good income at the micros in many countries around the world. You lie to people when you answer the question what do you for a living,i use to do that too, but right now much actually not lying to them.

    Great article how. Even if you are mainly a NLH player,would you be able to show win rate micros up to. Hard to get any information on this. BTW i really enjoy your detailed letters. I have a good win rate at NL10, around 20bb, but i ant play more than 3 tables and concentrate, how the hell make you play 12 plus?

    Hey AnneML, Nice winrate good job! I do play tighter and cannot make as good of poker decisions. You would have to be. It Might Shock You. I would never ask any of my friends let alone a complete stranger how much money they make in their jobs as doctors, factory workers, small business owners or social workers. Because nobody profdssional this question!

    It is considered taboo in our society. But because I am a "poker player" it is ok in their mind for some bizarre reason. Alright, deep breath. After all, it's an exceedingly rare vocational path and poer people still consider money game to be straight up gambling or luck anyways.

    How Much Do Poker Players Make? It Might Shock You | BlackRain79 - Micro Stakes Poker Strategy

    Your gross yearly income is now higher than the average gross yearly income in the following countries: the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden and Spain. Personally though, you will find me grinding NL50 from somewhere much cheaper and warmer than most of these countries, such as Vietnam!

    Posted by BlackRain Labels: poker player incomepoker player salary. TJ 27 October. BlackRain79 27 October. Jorge Volante 27 October. BlackRain79 28 October. Keks 28 October. BlackRain79 29 October.

    What Percentage of Poker Players Are Winners and Make Money? | Automatic Poker

    Unknown 03 June. BlackRain79 06 June. KFL 02 October. BlackRain79 03 October. Unknown 08 November. BlackRain79 08 November.

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    1. Nola Rainey:

      Cliff Spiller July 20, Updated on: July 26th, Cash games give players a steadier and more predictable hourly rate, but professional tournament players go through big swings throughout the year. Some professional tournament players can go months without a big score and then have one year-saving tournament win.

    2. Anthony Calvert:

      Good stuff Rain! Now if I can just find a good hut in Africa I will go pro :p.

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      People often ask me these days what is the average professional poker player salary? And to be quite honest, the answer varies depending on your skill level, what stakes you play, how much volume you put in and so on.

    4. Casey Bush:

      It seems that every poker player I talk to claims to be a big winner. I had a difficult time finding any definitive answers, so I analyzed my long-term online poker database and used the data to find out the answer for myself.

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