Miss finland poker player

miss finland poker player

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  • The former Miss FinlandSara is a model, songwriter, a host of a cooking show, and poker celebrity. She came to the light in when she pulled off a bluff on Ronnie Bardah. She pulled off the bluff on television and the video became viral instantly.

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    This was just the beginning of the Poker Stardom for Sara. She became an overnight sensation vinland her beauty, intelligence, modest behavior, confidence, determination, and poker skills. She became a star in the Poker Stars Shark Cage show. Players generally use different gimmicks for entertainment as well.

    Hidden Cameras, Timed moves, different banks, and time chips are few of the things that add excitement to the show.

    miss finland poker player

    In each season, there are eight episodes. The winners proceed to the grand finale and the winner of the finale seizes a million-dollar prize. At a time, when the game reaches the river, a player can basically play the bluff button and play a bluff card. If the opponent is bluffed, then he or she is caged and remained out of the action unless someone leaves the table.

    Miss Finland Wrecks Poker Player With An Amazing Bluff

    The fun of the show is that the players are celebrities from a different field. A similar thing happened in show where Sara Chafak featured in Episode 7. Everyone underestimated her and she was unknown to many. However, before the episode, she told that player wants to use her not so popular image to her advantage and wanted everyone to send it to the cage.

    She sent Ronnie to the cage by the bluff on the very first hand. Ronnie termed it as ridiculous. Sara continued her dominance on the table like a pro. With Jean-Robert, Sara again outsmarted. Jean-Robert opted to poker home as he thought she is bluffing. He chose to go home rather than go to the cage. He clarified the same afterward. Sara won the hand with two pairs.

    Kara was a finland year veteran in Poker. Kara playre Ronnie and Jean Robert out of the game. She went on finlanv become the winner and went to London for the finals. However, Sara Chafak became the new name of the Poker World. Sara was born in Helsinki, Finland on October 25, She grew up with five brothers.

    At the age of 19, she has introduced to the world of poker thanks to her boyfriend. She attended various games in home games and in pubs in Finland. She won finlane couple of public poker tournaments as well. She was even awarded a seat the final but unfortunate flu stopped her. She got her education from Estonia. She suggests that she attended International Marketing.

    She even hosts her own cooking show! And, of course, she miss playing poker.

    Liba Foord

    While she has skyrocketed to poker world celebrity, she is also grounded, confident, and determined. We discussed her dreams, ambitions, beauty pageants, poker experience, and much more. Could you tell us a bit about your family background? What did you want to become as a kid?

    Sara Chafak – The New Poker Sensation - Tunf News

    Did you have a dream, a vision of yourself? I had so many dreams and I still do have them. I feel like without having a finkand I would suffocate. I come from Finland.

    I was born in Helsinki. My father is originally from Morocco and my mother is Finnish. My parents broke up when I was around 9 years old. I had quite a hectic childhood, but I believe I turned out fine. I did dream about becoming Miss Finland, enlisting in the army, and playing poker. All or nothing. No middle ground.

    Yes, I did. I was 6 years old when I decided I was going to be Miss Finland — not necessarily that I was going to participate in a pageant.

    Cardplayer Lifestyle Interview with Sara Chafak - Cardplayer Lifestyle

    It was crazy! I want to be a doctor. I want to be a police officer.

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    I want to be in the entertainment industry. Tell me what exactly is the role of a beauty queen? What kind of profession is that? Beauty pageants seem to be superficial contests, but if you are successful, misx can use the platform for other things. You can do so much.

    Basically, being miss a beauty pageant means also being a role model, especially for kids, young people. You set an example and represent your country as well. I poker with home games first. It was fun. I won a lot pokee thought to myself: Why am I not playing for real? And then I turned 19 and I started playing in different pubs in Finland.

    At finland time, it was still legal to have these small poker tournaments. I won a couple and one of them awarded a seat at a final table. As it was the biggest achievement in poker for me at that time, I was very disappointed. The winner would get a ticket to the Main Event!

    After that, I stopped playing for a while. I finished school and started university studies. Poker was not priority. While there, Pokker did have some free time and eventually Plyer started playing poker again. It was a funny finpand that led me to PokerStars. I was hesitating at first. So, I agreed to do it on my own terms. I was going to sit at the hairdresser, have my hair done and play in the event.

    They filmed it as I was just sitting there, hoping my hair would not burn with all the color on it; and I won it! I got a ticket playdr the Barcelona Estrellas Main Event. This was my first ever player poker tournament. I got through to Day 2. I was on fire. I got spotted by PokerStars people and the media and did some interviews.

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      Poker World does not have very few women players. However, things are changing very fast.

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      Finnish celebrity and former Miss Finland Sara Chafak has scored big in terms of popularity in the poker world. The video of the bluff she pulled off against Ronnie Bardah on an episode of Shark Cage went viral in late and was considered one of the best poker moments of the year. Chafak is a beautiful woman of many talents.

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