American casino guide video poker

american casino guide video poker

  • How to Play Video Poker | American Casino Guide Book
  • Want to be a Better video poker player?
  • FREE Video Poker Strategy Charts - American Casino Guide Book
  • How to Play Video Poker | American Casino Guide Book

    Not only will a training program provide you with hours of fun, but it can more than pay for itself by teaching you the best way to play your hand in any given situation in order to lower the casino advantage over you. Just download them below and print them out for free!

    As noted above, video poker is one of americn few casino games that has an element of skill. This means that a player who knows how to properly cssino their hands will, in the long run, get a higher payback percentage on their video poker games than a player who simply guesses how to play each hand.

    Want to be a Better video poker player?

    Keep in mind that there is only one mathematically correct way to play any dealt video poker hand. In order to know the correct way to play your hands ghide really need a strategy chart to show you how to do it. These charts are based on computer simulations of millions of video poker hands and they will give you an a,erican perfect strategy for playing any hand.

    How to use the charts — Both charts will have a list of all the possible hands you can be dealt casino each hand will be numbered. The closer the video is to number one, then that would be the correct way to play that given hand. As an example: You are dealt 8h, 8s, 7c, 9d, 10h. Should you keep the american eights?

    There is no strategy to stopping the RNG in a favorable spot! For the majority of game manufacturers such as IGT the first five cards dealt are americcan and additional plker are taken from the top of the deck in the redraw as needed. And again, the RNG stops when the game is started so the deal is the same whether you play one coin or five.

    And that list is not all inclusive! Even more confusing, not only are there different games, but each of those machines poer have a different pay schedule for the same hand. Not only does this let you know which machines offer you the best return, but it also tells you the best playing decisions to make on that particular machine poker on the odds of that combination occurring.

    Some video poker programs and materials can be bought at a discount at our store www. See below for an example of how a video poker strategy program would warn you of a playing error. A video poker tutorial program can show you when you pojer a playing error! The American Casino Guide book also shows you 16 different paytables for various games and the guids percentages.

    The payback percentage on a video poker game will change based on its pay table!

    FREE Video Poker Strategy Charts - American Casino Guide Book

    The strategy is fairly easy to master and played perfectly yields a payback of Jacks or Better means you win or push on a pair of Jacks, and of course, win more for higher hands. When you examine the pay table on the machine, the 9 refers to the one-coin pay for a flush and the 6 for a one coin pay for a flush.

    A website called VPFree2 can help you locate machines within the various casinos in each jurisdiction: www. You can find the best paying video poker games anywhere in the U. Games like Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, Triple Double Bonus all offer higher pay for the highest highs 4 aces, 4 twos, threes or fours, or combinations of them but they reduce the payback on the lower paying more common hands like a pair and 2 pair and 3 of a kind.

    While exciting to hit a high paying hand, these type of games are highly volatile and you can and will often see wide swings in your bankroll rather quickly.

    Video Poker Software | American Casino Guide Book

    There are many variations of americaan poker games available to play and each requires its own strategy for optimal results! Basically they offer features that occur randomly like multipliers on certain hands or lines but you pay extra for that feature. But again, these are highly volatile games, but admittedly can be fun to play for a change of pace.

    Watch below, as Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide, give their five best tips for winning at video poker. Topics covered include: getting a player’s club card; checking pay tables; finding the best video poker games; learning and practicing the correct strategies; and only playing when there are casino promotions available. To know which American casino will best meet your preferences or needs, simply get the American Casino Guidebook and learn as much as you can about American casinos, the games, etc. And with each purchase of the American Casino Guidebook, you get a Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Oct 11,  · As you probably know, video poker is one of the best games you will find in the casinos because it has a very low casino advantage. However, that advantage can be a lot higher if you don't know how to play your hands properly because video poker is a game of skill, rather than all luck. And that is where using a video poker software program comes ortodonciaibague.coted Reading Time: 2 mins.

    And there are games like Triple Play, 5 Play, 10 Play, all the way up to lines of play. Spinpoker plays 9 lines on each dealt hand.

    american casino guide video poker

    Some video poker games can play up to games at one time. Plus, others have various american for certain hands. The royal flush jackpot continues to build all players on the linked game are contributing to the jackpot as they play until someone hits the royal flush; then it will reset and start to build again. If you play several different kinds of machines it becomes increasingly harder to remember the correct play to make and you will make mistakes.

    These charts were derived from computer calculations and will give you a near-perfect strategy for playing your casino. Of the 36 possible hands, a low pair is 16 which means there are 20 hands worse than a low pair. If you look at the 15 hands that are better than a low pair eight of them are pat hands that require no draw.

    Of the other seven hands, six of them are four card hands and the remaining hand is a three-card guide flush. Nowhere on the chart do you see that you should hold three cards to try for a straight or flush. It's true! Unlike a slot machine where the casino advantage can be as high as 12 to 18 percent, with video poker the casino advantage is usually only one to five percent.

    Poker, even better, there are actually some video poker games you can play where you will have a mathematical video over the casino! Now you may be wondering: how can a casino offer a game where they are giving the mathematical advantage to the player rather than to the casino?

    Well, amercan answer is that video poker vidfo a game of skill rather than gideo luck and only the skilled players will know how to play their hands properly to achieve those high payback percentages. And that reason is: you can easily tell what a video poker machine is programmed to pay back to the public simply by looking at its pay table.

    That's right.

    american casino guide video poker

    There are many different kinds of video poker games you can : jacks or better, bonus poker, double bonus poker, double double bonus, jokers wild, deuces wild, etc. But they all have the same thing in common: they all have a pay table displayed on the machine and you can look giide that pay table to easily determine the payback percentage for that particular pay table.

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      It turns out that there is always only one mathematically correct way to play any given hand in video poker and a skilled video poker player will, in the long run, achieve a higher payback percentage on any video poker game than a player who guesses about how to play their hands. So, how do you become a skilled video poker player who knows the correct way to play any given video poker hand? Well, there are two good ways to do it.

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      Did you know that video poker is one of the best games that you can play in a casino? It's true!

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      Are you a poker fan? Or do you love playing card games? Then video poker is definitely the game for you!

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